At Waterscapes, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive design and consultancy service. Our Waterscape team of creative designers and dedicated project managers work closely with clients from conception through to completion, ensuring they are provided with:

  • Overall feasibility studies
  • Detailed specifications and drawings
  • Comprehensive hydraulic performance calculations

This means that no matter the design, be that a fountain design or a water feature design, you can feel at ease that we are doing our part for you!

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What we offer

Our design and consultancy service accommodates any level of requirement, including water pump systems, pipework layouts, product specification, rainwater harvesting design, water irrigation and schematic system layouts.  We are also able to cover many other aspects, such as:

  • System appraisals
  • Technical assessments
  • Mechanical & electrical inspections
  • Confined spaces analysis and risk assessment
  • Client training
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Waterscapes What we offer
Waterscapes What we offer

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Please call our team today on 01963 824166 or email info@waterscapes.co.uk to discuss your design requirements.

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